Industrial Automation

Wide Coverage       Precision and High Reliability
ELSA system uses Sub-GHz radio wave to reach 3x more in distance, versus 2.4GHz, and reflection to guarantee the link reliability.                  Compared to market-ESL with high 3~5% delivery fail rate with variable latency, our industrial-grade ELSA system achieves <0.01% error rate (or 99.99% accuracy) with real-time latency less than 60sec.
Roaming Capability       Easy Integration
ELSA uniquely supports large client capacity in single radio band and roaming algorithm. This allows our tracking labels to move from place to place seamlessly without service interruption to maintain both real-time delivery and data accuracy.       ELSA platform is open for integration with other upstream systems, such as EWM, ERP, WMS, via API interface. This is convenient for system integrators to create their own business values.

Case Study
  • Location: Japan
  • Application: Semiconductor factory, for wafer-box flow control
  • Applied Type: ES29-R
  • Reason & Result:
  • To minimize the loss caused by information error due to human process, and to track the wafer box whereabouts during the manufacturing process, no matter if the wafer box in static or mobile mode, the status can be always tracked in real-time, 24-7. And to meet the highest industrial standard, the accuracy rate is up to 99.99%.
  • Wafer procedures are complicated, so the wafer boxes have to travel around various stations. After adopting the M2COMM ESL solution, it is calculated that daily information update is more than 20,000 times with refresh latency less than 1 minute.
  • Special anti-static paper is costly and need a bulk quantity for the whole manufacturing procedures. The M2COMM ESL provides high standard anti-static housing to meet the industrial standard. So the factory can save the costs from anti-static paper and reduce the hassles of replacing the paper.
  • It was an issue to adopt several wireless system in a factory without re-adjusting the wireless settings. In the site, there were many Wi-Fi and Zigbee stations for other application. Luckily, M2COMM ESL solution adopts totally different wireless frequency, so the systems can be co-existed without any interference issues.