Smart Store

Wide Coverage       Low Interference
ELSA system uses Sub-GHz radio wave to reach 3x more in distance, versus 2.4GHz. For various store floor plans, M2COMM ESL system can easily provide the wide coverage range with optimal performance.       Patented Sub-GHz radio shields ESL system from 2.4GHz applications (i.e. IP cam, smart phone, BT phone, etc.), providing not only the highest wireless stability but also the best battery lifetime.
Bi-directional Communication       Easy to Integrate Solution
Unique bi-directional communication allows the  device send back its battery level and wireless signal whenever there is an action on device, so the system always has the latest device status.       M2COMM provides an easy-to-adapt ESL system, allowing direct users to operate directly as-it-is, or to integrate with the POS/ERP backend to get a    relatively automated system with least efforts.

Case Study

♦ Location:
♦ Application: Pharmacy
♦ Applied Type: ES16-R & ES42-R
♦ Reason & Result:

Owner used to struggle with high label error rate, low efficiency and bad customer experience. After implementing the M2COMM ESL solution, owner not only settled existing problems, new features of ESL also created huge benefits for customers and staff.

> Pictogram Display: Highlight the law compliance, i.e. not-for-pregnancy.
> Tick Mark: “Hot/slow sales”, “high margin”, etc. for store managers.

> Promo Message: Marketing highlight, i.e. “price down”, “best choice”.
> Double Layout: Single high-resolution tag displays two products in two layouts.
> Flash Sale (“Happy Hour”): Executing promotion in less-than-minutes.