Around the Rail

Around ELSA Rail – ELSA Rail is the key fixture to secure the e-tag onto the shelf rack. Every store is different so the rail installation needs to be adaptive and easy-to-do. ELSA Rails is made of eco-friendly Polycarbonate (PC) with excellent transparency and durability, versus the commonly-used Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). We has made rail selections easy to meet various field demands. Buying from us is swift and hassle-free for your project, yet ELSA tags are also designed compatible with some selections from the global ESL-rail manufacturer HL Display, such as specialized connectors as hanger or hooks. Please contact us for the consultation on your projects.

Anti-theft functionality has been the focus on the ESL rails since tags are the valuable investment on the retailor premises. It is always a trade-off between the cost and the complexity. We offers the tools and gadgets for the anti-theft accessories around ELSA Rails. They are economical, reliable and well fitted for your ELSA store outlook. 

TYPE1 – A straightforward choice for ELSA rails.  It is pre-installed with a high-quality adhesive, which is not only easy to install and remove, but also won't stick to the shelf after rework.

TYPE2 – The back has a groove design, compatible with common existing store shelf label insets. This may facilitate quick on-site installation.

TYPE3 – The back has a groove design, similar to TYPE2. It provides an better viewing angle, in line with the readability for labels on the middle and lower shelves. It can be also used as a display stand when directly placed on a table top.

TYPE4 – Used with TYPE2/TYPE3 to acts as baseboard when more rigorous installation is required. The special front-groove design can also accommodate the paper inset for highlights.

Tag Remover – It allows users to quickly remove tags from the ELSA rail.