About Us

The Global Leader on Wireless IoT Technology

Found in 2012, M2COMM has become a distinguished global leader specializing at ultra-low-energy wireless networking technology.

With versatile technology and business expertise, M2COMM team is passionate and committed to help make a better world by developing and deploying energy-friendly Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with ultra-low-power technology for the future Internet-of-Thing network, immensely changing our everyday life.

M2COMM has applied its unique IoT network technology to Electronic Shelf Label to achieve unprecedented success in the smart-retail sector. Furthermore the application is further expanded to the more advanced areas such as factory management labeling, office signage or pick-by-light (PBL) applications. In past years, millions of devices supported by M2COMM core network have been deployed globally with great success.

M2COMM now has staffs and offices providing associated service and support in Taiwan and France.